luxurious sea side accommodation in a 3 star hotel in the heart of Dahab which is a few meters away from our diving course location and some of the diving sites as well

Medicine Part

The Diving Medicine course will entail some of the topic essential for any diver to understand and some extra information for particular interest for medical and para-medical students.

Diving Part

If you’ve always wanted to take scuba diving lessons, experience unparalleled adventure and see the world beneath the waves, this is where it starts.


The Diving Medicine Summer School is an experience for life! It is the greatest opportunity you’ll get to combine diving with meeting medstudents and doctors from all over the world. the instructors are great and i haven’t got one bad thing to say about the course.. i highly recommend it to everyone interested.

Yasmin Sanaya 2015 participant - Denmark

I enjoyed it very, very much. Organization did excellent work, made good friends, learned everything I know about diving and had opportunity to review material I’d already learned at Med School.

Tomás Laia 2015 participant - Portugal

It was perfect, I felt in love with diving, I really liked everything, It was a wonderful week

Chiara Obert 2015 participant - Italy

The Diving Medicine Summer School was absolutely one of the best experiences i ever had, one of the best choices i made because the diving is amazing here in Dahab.

Zheer McHammer 2015 participant - Denmark

Dive Sites

The Canyon

The Canyon

The Canyon, which ranks amongst the most well-known of Dahab dive sites, provides you with a variety of dive options.
The Caves

The Caves

Descend along a gravely slope on which, at a depth of 3 meters, two caves open up, the 'caves' are in fact more of a large overhang than caves but still worth visiting.
Moray Garden

Moray Garden

It is a great place to find nudibranches, morays and blue spotted stingrays. Moray Garden can be enjoyed by all divers regardless of level.
Blue hole

Blue hole

The Blue Hole is dived almost every day by recreational divers. Local dive centres take divers who are qualified to dive to 30m to do the site known as El Bells or Bells to Blue Hole.